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When excellent "Value Proposals" are poorly stated, their protagonists fail in meetings and presentations. This happens to entrepreneurs, scientists, business executives, and anyone who makes value offers to various types of partners. Usually it is thought that achieving "captivate" with an offer is a quality of some people.

The author of this book proposes to stop depending on personal talent in order to offer a product, service or project, and methodologically create the commercial narratives that a company needs, using the various templates that it proposes. In this way, it provides a method that will be an important complement to any marketing and sales strategy, especially in B2B businesses, as well as a very useful model to present any offer to internal or external clients.

Available in softcover print edition, for Kindle e-readers and as a PDF file.

The narrative we use today to present our product Biosense One was constructed using the methodology presented in this book, and is one of the cases cited.

We use it repeatedly in meetings of all kinds and it has helped us to understand the most important aspects that we want to put over to customers and society, in addition to the technology involved.

The method proposed in this book produces visible results, which are important for progress in a business which aspires to make a global impact.

David Shimomoto 

This book stakes out the position of commercial narratives in B2B sales. It was

high time that someone brought it home to us that pitches are not the same as

communication skills. A commercial narrative is needed when the product or servicedoes not sell itself, and although sales executives are responsible for closing deals, it is the company's responsibility to construct the right commercial narrative to give to their executives.

Héctor uses simple, familiar language to describe sophisticated new concepts,

and introduces us to good practices for the construction of effective commercial


Cristián Hernández-Cuevas
Business Director
Fundación Ciencia & Vida

Purchase decisions are directly based on the value perceived by consumers.

Convincing values very often do not stand out in presentations of products and

services, and consequently the value proposition cannot be identified.

Héctor Sepúlveda's long relationship with the Cid Centre of University of Girona has

helped us to strengthen ways of communicating value propositions to companies and institutions. What he proposes in his book Value Proposition Narratives is a methodological guide;

it has helped us to coordinate and transmit effectively the attributes of innovative products that make a difference.

I consider that the structure and contents of his book are well up to today's competitive demands.

PHD. Josep Tresserras i Picas. Director of the Cid Centre (Centre of innovation and conceptual design of new products) • University of Girona

Value Proposition Narratives is an important book. I was fascinated!

We all have key moments when we have to present and sell a product, a project

or an idea to external or internal customers.

The presentation meeting is “the last

mile” of a long exercise in teamwork, a crucial moment for success. And yet, why

do we not give it the importance it deserves?

To my surprise, after hundreds of presentations in my career, many of them with sales and marketing teams, I learnt a lot from this book. The author analyses and proposes the mechanisms needed to

create a convincing narrative for the customer, and maps each step on the way to a positive decision.

His methodology is just as effective for start-ups as for established companies of any size.

Nils Strandberg
CEO Latin Pacific and Founder of América Economía

Managing commercial narratives (pitches) is a basic tool for any executive. The

narrative is the key to the success or failure of the deal. A good pitch can win

you not only that contract from an important customer, but even the investment needed to upscale the project. At Wayra we have worked for years with Héctor and his methodology of value proposition narratives to strengthen the companies in which we invest. There is always a before and an after.

This book presents in detail what we did with Simpliroute, an investment made in 2016 when we started to work with

Héctor. Today, three years on, the company has grown twenty-fold and attracted significant risk capital investment. Of course, for that you need a good team, an innovative solution and hard work to set things up, but you also need a very good value proposition narrative!

Claudio Barahona
CEO  Wayra Chile 
Open Innovation Telefónica

We live in an extremely competitive world which is saturated by different products

and services, where the customer is constantly bombarded with alternatives.

It is no longer enough to have a good value proposition – it is essential to transmit it as effectively as possible.

For this reason a powerful pitch is a vital tool for opening our business conversations.

The methodology developed by Héctor, described in this book, is an innovative, practical and effective way of developing a winning commercial narrative.

By using literary narrative techniques and applying them to the world of business, he offers a step-by-step method for structuring and communicating value propositions of all kinds.

This book is a must, not only for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes, but also for anyone who wants to put over a value proposition as effectively as possible. Highly recommended!

Sergio Rademacher
General Manager
Microsoft Chile



HECTOR SEPULVEDA is the Creator and Head Coach of POWER PITCH METHOD, a system which creates Commercial Narratives for different types of products, services or projects.
In his first book entitled "Power Pitch Method" (pub. 2013) he mixes his expertise as a theater and playwright producer with the demanding world of presenting offers in the shortest possible time, popularly known as "elevator pitch", and sets out the basis for this method.
In his second book “Value Proposition Narratives” (pub. 2019) he offers a vision of wider use, and - in a field where personal ability is normally considered the trigger for good meetings - proposes this method for companies to create their business stories and thus train their commercial agents.
He advises companies of different sizes in the building of commercial stories for their different offers, and collaborates with organisations dedicated to promoting innovation and applied science. He trains senior executives to use their Pitching techniques to transform them into efficient value providers within their companies.
He teaches, talks and directs workshops in different postgraduate courses related to Business and Engineering faculties, in universities such as Adolfo Ibáñez University, Development University, Catholic University of Chile, University of Girona, among others.
He is a Founding partner of Sepulveda Partners.

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